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LakeCountry Construction started as a partnership with father and son, John and Jim Tracy in 1996 but our history goes much further. John started his residential construction company in 1956 and Jim worked as a superintendent with a commercial construction company in Syracuse for 18 years. As time went on John and Jim figured with both of their knowledge in the construction industry that they should partner up and start their own construction company and soon LakeCountry Construction + Contour, LLC was born.

Our Philosophy 


Here at LakeCountry Construction & Contour we realize that construction is a service based business, but we never lose sight that it is primarily a people business. Our philosophy is that no single person is responsible for the outcome of any project. We recognize that success is only achieved through collaboration involving Owners, the Architect, Consultants and our professional highly-trained crew. Our main objective is to provide our clients, a thorough analysis of the project and to select the most cost-effective and structurally sound solution available. We dedicate all of our resources to provide the highest quality workmanship in the industry in order to earn your trust and create a long lasting relationship.

  • Commitment- If we say we are going to do it, we follow through to the end.

  • Integrity- While it is not our goal to necessarily be the largest construction firm in the area, we strive to be the best.

  • Excellence- We only use the most up-to-date techniques and tools to complete you project and ensure quality.

  • Employee empowerment- We want our employees to be proud of themselves, their work and our company as well as reach their full potential through continuous advancement and training.

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